Virtual Ways to Celebrate National Indigenous Peoples History Month & Day

National Indigenous Peoples History Month: With the COVID-19 pandemic it has actually created more opportunities for us to participate with events coast to coast virtually. We didn’t want you to miss out so we’ve compiled a list of activities you can enjoy at home.

Here are some suggestions for celebrating, learning, listening and laughing:

1. Indigenous Festivals Online   

2. Pow wows and round dances are being cancelled due to COVID-19 but in the homes of many Indigenous families, culture and tradition are still celebrated.

3. Podcasts
Podcasts are a series of audio files that are available online and most are structured like a TV or radio show; some are stand-alone while others have multi episodes and even seasons, and others have featured guest speakers.
Here are some:

4. Truth & Reconciliation 

5. Films & Documentaries
The expression “the camera never lies” should be taken with a grain of salt when looking at how Indigenous characters have been portrayed in Hollywood over time. Reel Injun, listed below, provides more context. Indigenous representation in movies about Indigenous Peoples has come a long way.

6.         150 Days of Reconciliation Starts Now #next150Challenge

7 . Listen to and learn about some Indigenous musicians

8. Sports The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada included four calls to action for sports and recreation. Here’s just one:

9. Discover Indigenous Humor

10. Indigenous Spoken Word 

11. Visit a Museum Collection Online

12. INDIGENOUS HISTORY MONTH In honour of National Indigenous History Month,

13. Indigenous Authors 

14 Terminology for Indigenous Peoples

15 Visit Indigenous Historical Points of Interest 

16. Indigenous Artists


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