At the end of every Round Dance & Pow Wow a Giveaway Ceremony is performed.  The Giveaway is performed for several reasons, including as a way of honouring those who have gathered to connect and strengthen relationships, and to celebrate First Peoples’ identity and culture. 

Culturally, Aboriginal people are not to judge others by how much people have, but rather by how much a person gives away. Respect, kindness, and sincerity by a person towards their fellow woman/man is shown when valued possessions are given away freely.

All forms of goods are given away, historically items such as blankets and linen cloth, guns, tools, leather goods, even horses and teepees were given. In modern times new items such as cooking utensils, tea towels, bowls, housewares, scarfs, mittens, small tools, fishing supplies, snare wire, colouring books, socks, toiletries, and blankets.

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