Orange Shirt Day

We need your help!

Open Call to the Public for digital submissions for GPACOS ‘Orange Shirt Day’ video.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are taking our event online to keep our community safe.

How to submit;

  • Record a short video on your phone (no longer then 30 sec) and say one of the following phrases;
      • “I am an ally”
      • ” I am listening”
      • “I am learning”
      • “I am healing”
      • “I am reclaiming”
      • ‘I am a survivor ___ went to residential school”
      • “I am Strong, Resilient, Indigenous”

Submission deadline August 30, 2020 submit now to 

On September 30, 2020 Canadians will wear orange to raise awareness for of the impacts of residential schools and show support for reconciliation.

Order orange shirts for your community organization, school or business at 

Order by August 20, 2020 with payment. Funds raised from this order will go towards the Orange Shirt Day Society and GPACOS OSD.


OSD Poster call out pdf


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