Community Impact Statement

What is a community

A community is a group of people with something in common:

  • anyone from the same place – like a town or neighbourhood
  • professional colleagues
  • religious organizations
  • cultural groups
  • other diverse groups – like the LGBTQ community

Why make a statement

A community impact statement is a chance to let the judge know how your community has been hurt because of a crime. The judge will consider a statement:

  • if the accused is found guilty
  • when sentencing the offender(s)

The statement:

  • is voluntary
  • is submitted by your community’s representative
  • can be read out in court when the offender is sentenced

What it can say

The community impact statement can talk about how the crime:

  • physically damaged your community
  • caused problems for your community
  • changed feelings in or about your community
  • cost money to your community

What it cannot say

It cannot be used to:

  • ask for financial help
  • talk about other crimes
  • support the offender(s)
  • make unproven accusations
  • complain about the police or the legal system
  • suggest what the sentence should be – unless approved by the judge, first
  • make statements about the offender(s) or the crime which are not related to the community’s suffering.

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