Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week December 1 to December 5, 2020

Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week, which is scheduled every year from December 1 to December 5 beginning on World AIDS Day – December 1, is an opportunity to: Increase awareness and knowledge about HIV/AIDS. Establish ongoing prevention and education programs in Aboriginal communities. Address common attitudes that may interfere with prevention, care and treatment activities. Reduce

Rock Your Mocs Worldwide Social Media Event

Why a week? The event was increased to a week creating more event opportunity days, especially for schools, people who work Monday – Friday, and people organizing events. Do we have to wear our Mocs the whole week?  Nope, choose a day or days, or the whole week Is there a main day? The original day will always

Metis Week November 15-21, 2020

Each year on November 16, people across Canada pay tribute to the Right Honourable Louis Riel by holding a commemorative ceremony on the date of his execution. In Alberta, the week surrounding November 16 is known as Metis Week. Metis Week 2020     Please visit the following websites  Rupertsland Institute   Metis Nation of Alberta

Honoring National Aboriginal Veterans Day – November 8, 2020

The Federal Government established National Aboriginal Veterans Day on November 8, 1994 to honor the thousands of First Nation, Inuit, and Metis Veterans who were not recognized in Remembrance Day activities. It is now celebrated in many communities across Canada. Over 12,000 Indigenous people are estimated to have volunteered in all three wars, including 7,000

Community Impact Statement

What is a community A community is a group of people with something in common: anyone from the same place – like a town or neighbourhood professional colleagues religious organizations cultural groups other diverse groups – like the LGBTQ community Why make a statement A community impact statement is a chance to let the judge

Sisters in Spirit

Sisters in Spirit honours the memory of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada. Every October 4, vigils and events are held across the country in support of family members and loved ones.  This year in 2020 due to the global pandemic of covid-19, we will host a virtual walk encouraging the community

Orange Shirt Day

We need your help! Open Call to the Public for digital submissions for GPACOS ‘Orange Shirt Day’ video.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are taking our event online to keep our community safe. How to submit; Record a short video on your phone (no longer then 30 sec) and say one of the following